In PG&E Territory? Their On-Bill Financing Program may be Perfect for your Business

Get your Business Ready for CA AB2208 Before Fluorescents Become Illegal.

Before / After Hospital LED image
Before / After Hospital LED image

Stop wasting money on old lighting

Commercial and industrial facilities across the country are pouring money down the drain using antiquated lighting systems. Fluorescents, metal halide and high-pressure sodium all incur high monthly costs from powering to maintenance. Everyone knows they need to upgrade to high efficiency, intelligent lighting, but the capital outlay for large facilities can be prohibitive.

That’s where we come in.

Subscription lighting makes upgrading easy

We remove the barriers stopping businesses from upgrading their expensive metal halide, fluorescent or high pressure sodium lighting. Our lighting subscription service moves lighting off of your books and onto ours.

We make things simple: We handle maintenance, replacement and upgrades. It’s all included with a subscription price that is guaranteed to be lower than what your current lighting costs. EverWatt subscriptions complete after a period of 4-5 years.

After that, the lights — and savings — are yours to keep.

old and busted metal halide lights


Your power bill with non-LED lighting
$ 600 / month
everwatt led corn lights


Cost of EverWatt Subscription for LED Replacements
$ 525 / month
everwatt led corn lights

4-5 Years Later

Your Power Bill with LEDs – Lights and Savings are Yours for Life!
$ 290 / month

We handle everything

EverWatt subscriptions are pretty simple. You don’t have to manage a messy project or chase any electricians around. Planning, installation, waste disposal, recycling, maintenance and replacement — all of that is included in your subscription, with no hidden upfront costs, and guaranteed to save you money.

free led savings audit

1. Gather Lighting Information

Finding out if your facility qualifies for our subscription lighting only takes a couple minutes.

LED light bulb

 2. Free savings analysis

If your facility qualifies for a subscription, we create a custom detailed analysis of your property. If you don’t save, you don’t pay.

3. Professional installation

After subscribing, we handle every part of the installation, including recycling of your old bulbs! All performed by professionally licensed & insured members of our nationwide network.

quality led lighting work icon

4. We take care of maintenance

During your subscription, we’ll monitor the health of your lighting and replace malfunctioning bulbs.

5. We guarantee our work

Our bulbs have a best in class factory warranty and your subscription is guaranteed to save you money.

Here’s a Great Example of why Lighting as a Service is Better…

So, here’s a customer who chose to go with another brand of light and contractor because it was about 2% cheaper. Not even two years later, boom, water intrusion and corrosion in almost all fixtures.

If this customer had Lighting as a Service, EverWatt would have maintained those fixtures at no costs to the customer (although, perhaps more importantly, our lights wouldn’t have any corrosion or water intrusion).

In short, it’s penny-wise-pound-foolish to save a few thousand and have 70% of your fixtures go out for what must be at least $80,000 in damage.

Cost of operating 3,687 old lights

$360,073 / yr

2,250,456 kWh

Cost of operating 3,687 new LEDs

$145,713 /yr 

910,707 kWh

Our subscription lighting helps drive down costs for Highland Hospital

Highland Hospital reached out looking to save money and reduce maintenance overhead and we were happy to help. Over the course of several site visits, our lighting technicians built a comprehensive upgrade plan for the facility’s thousands of lights.

Highland loved the plan. The project would end up saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. It also reduces maintenance overhead by replacing old bulbs. EverWatt’s bulbs are built to last 25+ years, and if they go out, the intelligent mesh system lets us know and we send someone out to replace it.

Over the course of several months, our team of licensed contractors worked to upgrade each wing, and in the months after completing the upgrade, worked to monitor the electricity savings to ensure that Highland was getting the best deal possible with the least amount of headache.

In the end, Highland Hospital is saving 1.1 Million kWh (that’s enough to power 10 homes) and $200,000+ a year.

Now Highland can use those resources on things that are really important — like caring for their patients.


Savings can be incredible, but don’t forget slashing maintenance costs and improved safety

Cost of operating 317 old lights

$65,708 / yr

252,726 kWh

Cost of operating 317 new LEDs

$13,783 /yr 

53,015 kWh

Livermore Airport: BEFORE

Livermore airport saved a ton of money on lighting costs while lighting up their runway a gazillion times better.

Livermore Airport: AFTER

Livermore Airport: AFTER

Livermore Airport: AFTER

EverWatt’s lighting subscription helps create safer and more economical schools.

Cost of operating 2,493 old lights

$278,146 / yr

2,250,456 kWh

Cost of operating 2,493 new LEDs

$109,944 /yr 

910,707 kWh

YRC Freight in Hayward, CA

Safer lighting, increased morale & productivity, $0 capital outlay, and and immediate savings. EverWatt’s LED Lighting Subscription for the win.

Cost of operating 211 old lights

$28,815 / yr

164,166 kWh

Cost of operating 211 new LEDs

$5,344 /yr 

64,481 kWh

Why EverWatt? No Middlemen.

led middlemensupply chain
led lights direct to consumer wholesale

We proudly manufacture our smart LEDs ourselves, and we pass those savings directly to you. No waste, no big box store markup.

We don’t just build and sell our own lights, we support them, too. One-on-one customer service, aftermarket parts, help with installation. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Plenty of companies offer warranties, but when you are forced to read the fine print you find out where you really stand. With us, you get replacement lights in days, not months. You will have peace of mind knowing that if you have issues with something you buy from us, you can get a human on the phone right then and there who will take care of it.

Because we do it all ourselves, we have the flexibility to offer our subscription service to businesses and spaces of all sizes. We are upgrading lighting in hospitals, factories, commercial spaces and entire towns, as well as small businesses, garages and car dealerships.

Silicon Valley smart lighting for commercial and industrial

Based in the Bay Area, our mission is to help businesses across the country upgrade to smart energy with cost-saving LEDs. Our lights come with the latest smart lighting management and customization tools.

Our mesh lights and our subscription service are tailor made for commercial and industrial customers at any scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a lease or a loan?

In a way, yes, it’s a lease. We take the ownership of the lights off your books, and give you a monthly expense.

Who is eligible?

You must be a business or a federal, state, county or local government agency (see below).

You must pay the electricity bill for your business (although if this is not the case there are still options if you have a good relationship with the owner of the building).

You must have had an active account with your utility for over one year.

Your business must be in good standing with the utility as well as from a business credit perspective.

The project must generate a net immediate savings for you (see below).

We must have an active preferred contractor in your area or be able to approve your current contractor for our installation network.

How do I get started now?

Simply fill out our site survey form here, and we’ll send you a proposal for no-upfront-cost financing of your LED retrofit.

Does it work for government agencies?

Very likely. A customer may choose to work with any contractor of their choice that meets our qualifications (most do) in order to install qualifying EverWatt fixtures. Your EverWatt account representative will walk you through this process. If you do not have a contractor you normally use for your business, no problem, we’ll provide one from our preferred network of local contractors.

I AM a contractor. How do sign up to be able to offer this to my customers?

That’s easy, we’re always looking for preferred partners around the country. Simply call or email us at the number/email at the top of the website and approval is a very simple and painless process. We can also help you with project ROI analysis and proposal generation for your clients.

Can I work with my own contractor?

In most cases, the answer is yes. If you have someone who does electrical work for you that you know and trust, assuming they meet our requirements, then yes. No problem

How do you handle scope changes?

If the final scope of the project differs from the scope detailed in the original agreement or quote, a “Lighting as a service modification agreement” may be required. For projects where the final quote amount changes by less than the allowed amount and there is no change to the agreement term, a loan modification may be requested, but may not be required. When necessary, the lighting as a service team will contact the customer to notify them of any changes. The modification agreement must be signed by an authorized representative of the customer, who is authorized to undertake a financial obligation on behalf of their business.

How does it work?

There are zero installation costs whatsoever for EverWatt lighting as a service agreements, EverWatt finances the retrofit of your lights and installs them through a partnered contractor. The business then pays a monthly fee that is guaranteed to be less than the monthly savings of the project for a period of four years, so you are guaranteed to save money and never make a capital outlay. Plus, after the agreement term ends, your savings continue while the payment does not. We also monitor, maintain, and service the lights, in the rare case that one happens to go out. The savings are determined by the project cost (labor, light selection, available rebates, etc .) as well as the potential savings (current electricity costs and reduction made by the replacement). To qualify for lighting as a service, a project’s estimated energy savings must be sufficient to pay for the fees during the four year agreement term. Savings will vary from project to project, from utility to utility, from state to state, etc ., but if you are approved, you are guaranteed to save money every month without ever paying more than you’re saving.

Why EverWatt?

Think of the traditional lighting contracting where you pay a lump sum as Yellow Cab, and think our lighting as a service as EverWatt’s lighting as a service as Uber. It’s just a better product, but it’s new. By lighting as a service, we mean that EverWatt installs the lights for free, and you pay nothing until your first lower power bill. Then for four years, EverWatt warranties, maintains, services, and takes care of everything concerning your new LED lights, and you pay us a fraction of the savings off your power bill.

In short: save money immediately, pay nothing upfront, and never have a negative capital outlay. You don’t have to budget for this, instead you get to decide what to do with the newfound extra money in your monthly budget.

It’s perfect for any business that wants better lighting and to save some money each month, but would rather not fund such a project out of their budget.

As an additional bonus, EverWatt is the manufacturer. This is a big part of why we can offer such a service. Offering direct to your business, with no distributors, supply stores, regional reps, etc, marking it up along the way, we can both keep the costs such that you save money immediately, as well.