red and blue spectrum for cannabus growing

Ever wondered why LED “grow lights” are always those funny looking red and blue LEDs, when every other LED light you’ve ever seen is the standard daylight colored ones?

It’s simple, so they can charge three times as much for them by making you think it’s necessary to grow well. It’s not.

The EverWatt LED Grow Light has incredibly lower power consumption for maximum light. Why not save some extra money on your power bill while you’re at it? It’s not just the reasonable price of the light that adds to your bottom line.

everwatt led grow light specifications
  • UL, CUL, DLC, ETL listed
  • High Luminous Efficacy 2.6 µmol/J
  • Foldable

Works in any Application:

Choose from Three Spectrum Options:

EverWatt LED Grow Light in Action
2nd Gen LED GROW LIGHT Introduction Power Point
EverWatt Lights LED Cannabis Grow Light Junction and Connectivit
led grow light connectivity rj45
EverWatt LED Grow Light Spectrum Specifications
  • MOSO 0-10V Dimmable Driver
  • 10KV Surge protection
  • RJ45 cable linkable 164ft Max
  • Tunable dimming mode
  • Aircraft aluminum for max cooling
  • Safety output voltage at 48 VDC / 54 VDC
  • 100 to 277 VAC with VAC 347V Available
  • Connect in parallel for easy operation by WIFI or other smart control. Save on labor costs.
  • Reduces on-site plugs and reduces wire routing
480W led grow light width and height dimensions
480W Dimensions
660W led grow light width and height dimensions
660W Dimensions
led grow light width and height dimensions
960W Dimensions




Quick Connects



  • Connect up to 45 units (164 ft) in parallel (using cat5 cables) for WIFI and smart controls, as well as 0-10V dimming.
  • Connect up to 2000W of fixtures with the AC cable, and easily adjust brightness.
  • Select wattage and brightness for all lights by only adjusting the first light in the string.

Three Wattages to Choose From

$ 585


$ 685


$ 985


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