LED lighting and security lights for parking lots, gas stations, etc

shoe box led lights in action

Benefits of Parking Lot Security Lighting.

Security is one of the most critical issues facing business owners that have facilities with parking lots or garages today. With their concrete walls, dark stairwells, flickering fluorescent lighting parking lots and garages by their very nature are an attractive target for criminals and unwanted behavior. Most car parking facilities are open to the public, so anyone can come and go as they please including criminals. Parked cars, columns and stairwells provide perfect hiding places for criminals. This problem is further accentuated by the typical bad lighting of such facilities which helps contribute to a sense of insecurity that causes most customers or shoppers to avoid these areas as much has possible.

There are a number lights we offer to help owners of these properties improve security in their parking facilities to deter crime and make individuals feel safer, in addition to reducing their own potential liability. Our lights are designed to distribute an appropriate amount of light evenly and unlike traditional lighting which require constant maintenance, our fixtures are rated from 50,000-100,000 and require virtually no maintenance.

Visibility is  a key security feature necessary in any facility, good lighting helps to create a comfortable environment that attracts customers and makes them feel safe and secure. The installation of well-designed lighting can help reduce or even eliminate car break-ins, robberies, vandalism, burglaries or just unwanted traffic.

“Good lighting deters crime and produces a more secure atmosphere,” claims the DOJ report. “It is one of the few facility features that has been documented to reduce crime in parking facilities.”

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