LED lighting retrofits for electric, water, and gas utility companies

led lighting for electric gas and water utilities
led lighting for electric gas and water utilities

Perhaps to lead by example, perhaps for other reasons unknown to us, electrical, water, and gas utility companies seem to be more progressive than most about replacing their lighting with LED lights for the cost savings, environmental benefit, and improvement in lighting conditions.

How can we help with LED lighting for utilities?

First and foremost, we sell what we think are the best LED lights on the market. We do so by focusing exclusively on commercial LED lighting and nothing else. You can browse our available lights here.

Second, EverWatt Lights, LLC. offers consulting services on ROI and planning. Sometimes someone responsible for the facility sees the benefits of LED lighting retrofits but the ‘higher ups’ may not be ‘seeing the light.’ Or maybe the board needs a proposal. It’s fairly easy for us to take current utility rates and your existing lighting setup, and turn that into a good-looking presentation of the return on investment for replacing those lights with EverWatt LED lights. The ROI is almost universally compelling to anyone who lays eyes on it, and in areas where electricity is considerably more expensive, the ROI can be mind-blowing. You can also use our simple LED light replacement ROI calculator here.

Utilities EverWatt has worked with to retrofit their lights to LEDs

EverWatt has worked with many utilities including the ones below and are happy to provide references.

Topeka Kansas Water Treatment Center

TTG Utilities

Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative

Center Point Energy

Grand River Dam Authority

Central Marin Sanitation Agency

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