EverWatt site audit worksheet

Based on your responses we'll make a quote for our no-upfront cost, LED lighting as a service solution for your business, showing how much you can save. If you get stuck, call us at (510) 730-0062 or email spaquote@everwattlights.com

Business and property information section

Lighting type section #1

You may not need all the lighting type sections below. If so, just leave them blank

What we're looking for is to understand what lights you currently have and a little bit about them, so that we suggest what LEDs to replace them with, and also calculate the savings by switching.

Use each section for all lights that are identical. For example, if you have a warehouse it may have 20 light fixtures each with 400 watt metal-halide bulbs. Then in the office of the warehouse, you have 30 100-watt CFL tube lights in panels. In that example you would utilize two of the three sections below. If say, 10 of the metal-halide lights in the warehouse were 400 watts and the other ten were 200 watts, then you would utilize three sections below instead of two.

Lighting type section #2
Lighting type section #3
Section for attaching electricity bills

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