An Electrician’s Secret Weapon

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Sell bigger jobs & grow your business with EverWatt’s simple LED Lease.

Ever taken a service call to replace just one light, and then suggested to your customer that they replace them all, and never have to worry about it again? Often the answer is “Oh man, that sounds great, but expensive.”

With our LED Lease, you can easily turn these service calls into full-blown retrofits by making it a no-brainer sale. Selling with “It’s only $30,000” turns into “No out of pocket cost and you start saving money on day one.”

I promise the latter is an easier sell.

Why would this help me win more bids and grow my business?

Imagine you’re in a competitive bid, where one bid is $25,000, one bid is $32,500, and one bid is “no cost, immediate savings.” 9 times out of 10 you’re going to want to be the third one.

Now imagine you’re EverWatt’s go-to electrical contractor in an area. In that case, you’ll occasionally get jobs from us, that we’ve sold ourselves. On these deals you’d actually make more than usual, because there’s no customer acquisition cost built in to that project.

Furthermore, you can use the LED Lease to go back to your well, and up-sell those folks who were interested but just couldn’t afford a big check or sell it to management.

Won’t learning a bunch of new stuff distract my sales team?

Nope. Our lighting advisers create quotes for you, and can even do lighting simulations for your clients. Plus, we provide fast and easy customer approvals and amazing customer support.

Where does EverWatt’s LED Lease work?

EverWatt is available in every state of the Nation. However, our LED Lease will not work everywhere because in some places electricity is so cheap, or there are no rebates and incentives, such that the economics of replacing lights don’t save the customer enough money to make the project pencil out.


We created our LED Lease to meet the needs of our electrical contractors, with fast, seamless process in the field.


Everyone needs to make money and the customer needs to save money. We’re not interested in bidding out jobs to multiple contractors to grind you on the costs. We’re much more interested in having someone who can be our “go to” in an area that we have a good relationship. If there’s a mismatch between between what you expect and what we or the customer expects, we’d much rather be able to pick up the phone and talk it though then let things like that fester or make the rest of the project harder.

In short, we want you to make lots of money, so that you are happy and enjoy working with us. We want to make money too. The best way for us to do that is to have solid partners we don’t have to sweat, and where we can all stick to the things we’re each best at. We’re in it for the long haul and we hope you are too.

Why are we able to do this?

We came from a background in the solar industry. That industry was driven forward very slowly until the lease came along around 2007, from big companies like SolarCity or SunRun. Then the market took off, for the same reason. They were able to finance it because there was enough savings in it for the customer for them to share in it profitably. The funny thing is, LED lighting is ten times riper for this model because the return on investment is so dramatically higher than solar. There’s basically less to spend and more savings to share.

We make our money by taking a percentage of the electricity savings, and you the contractor, gets paid what you would normally on a job.

Why should we work with EverWatt?

We’ve been around making and selling lights since 2013, and have worked with Budweiser, Harley Davidson, JFK Airport, JetBlue, NASA, IKEA, etc. We are solidly funded, and are definitely in this for the long haul. Our team of lighting advisers will whip up quotes for your client that look professional and can potentially help you punch above your weight class in bids, if needed.

As well, our LED lease makes your customers feel safe, like that seen in Tommy Boy. They don’t have to worry about their lights going out, and that trust works for your business too. They’ll be more likely to refer you to other clients.

What do my customers need to qualify?

2 years occupancy, a soft FICO run (pretty lax), and economics of the project that work for everyone (it’s probably not going to work on a monthly electric bill smaller than $500 without some extenuating circumstances).

How does the servicing of the lease work?

This is why a lot of people like leases vs. loans. For their piece of mind. EverWatt takes care of the lights, and while they shouldn’t go out, if they do, we’ll take care of it. And you’ll get paid what you normally would on a service call.

Thank you for your interest in teaming with EverWatt. We are always on the lookout for strong contractor partners to join us. We value your interest and look forward to reviewing your application.